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Hospital / Bed Elavators

Caliber Hospital / Bed Lifts are designed in such a manner that patients will have smooth, jerk-less and safest travel. The capacity of hospital lift ranges from 10 passengers to 26 passengers.

This is most important one in variety of elavators. Hospital elavators designed carefully and mainly focused in smooth safest travel and it have more capacity to carry the weight.

Each and every installation of Caliber elavators has a backup of prompt and onsite maintenance support by the qualified and trained engineers.


  • Speed ranging from 0.33 mps to 1 mps

  • Jerkless starting and stopping with exact floor leveling which helps free movement for stretchers / wheel chairs

  • Specially designed cabin size to accommodate stretcher / bed & medical equipment of required size with wide cabin opening for free movement

  • Smooth & quite operation to prevent disturbance to patients

  • Diffused illumination from light to prevent disturbance to patients on bed

  • Full Length Infrared Light Curtain for car door for Auto Door Lift

  • Door & Cabin choice as per customer requirements

  • Low operational Cost