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Goods / Freight Elavators

Caliber Goods / Freight Elevators are the best elevators to carry the goods. These are used in all types of Industrial Buildings, Companies, Offices, Malls, Commercial Complexes, Pharmaceuticals Companies, Chemical Plants etc.,

The size or carrying capacity of the elevator can be customized as per individual’s needs. It may vary depends on locations and customers requiremnts.

And our Installation team done the elavators services as per customers requirements with timely completion.


  • Speed ranging from 0.33 mps to 0.75 mps

  • Collapsible Doors (M.S / S.S)

  • Cabin Types such as M.S. Powdercoated / S.S

  • Aluminum / M.S. / S.S. Chequerred Plate for flooring

  • Exact floor leveling which helps the easy movement of goods without any damages to goods or elevator

  • Low operational Cost